Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Our First Day!

Yesterday we had our first day of Connections Academy! Although Kansas Connections Academy does not "OFFICIALLY" start until Wednesday, we got started a couple days early to give ourselves time to get aquainted with the system, and to test out our school day schedule.

Our first day did not end without lots of hiccups. The day started off well. The boys posed for the traditional "First Day Back To School Pics"

We quickly got to work on our lessons. The boys did complain a little bit when we first got started, which was totally expected after a summer full of fun, but once we were started with the work, they did do very well, and even had some fun while doing the school work! 

Then the troubles started! I also happened to be babysitting for one of my daughters friends. At first the baby was all smiles.....

However, after a little while, the baby became upset because she missed her Mom. She then cried for over an hour. This of course, distracted the boys from their school work, and triggered a full blown migraine headache for poor Jacob. 

Which ended in a trip to the Emergency Room. 
Needless to say, that ended our school day. We did get a few hours in today though, and learned the basics of the system. We also found that our school day schedule will indeed work well to get us started at the very least. 

We are taking it easy today, and resuming our school work on Wednesday. We hope to have a much better day Wednesday. 

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