Tot School

UPDATED: As I have mentioned in my blog, I watch my grandson and my now my granddaughter as well, during the day while their Mommy is working as a CNA at the local nursing home. My daughter is pretty sure that she is going to send her kids (Ricky and BrayLyn) to traditional schools when the time comes, but one thing is clear; it is NEVER too early for Ricky and BrayLyn to start learning! Ricky is 2 years old and he has been working on Tot School activities. Mostly learning through play. These activities will be done for only about 15 minutes a day right now, and we will slowly increase the time as he gets older. OF COURSE we will not be doing ANY kind of "school" work with Ricky, we will simply play with the intention of learning. He IS only a little guy after all and FUN is our number ONE priority! Braylyn is only 6 months old at this time, so the only thing we are officially teaching her is how much we love her! LOL She is of course learning all about the world around her, and she is even starting to move her chunky little body around!

Here are the Grandbabies! 


And here is the newest member to our family....grandbaby BrayLyn (now 6 months old, yes, I stay very busy LOL)

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