Friday, September 19, 2014

Our First Field Trip I am a *little* late posting this, ok, more like a LOT late, but better late than never I suppose LOL.

Our first field trip with Kansas Connections Academy was on Monday, September 8th. The field trip was a day at the Kansas State Fair. This was our first time every attending the fair and we were all really excited to go.

After meeting at the gates, we made our way toward the first event on the days agenda. In this first building we got to see lots of cool things.

Then we moved on to other events....

Then it was time for a snack...boys are ALWAYS hungry! 

Then, the "Give a Chicken A Bath" Demonstration

Then the "Soil" Demonstration! 

Some Lunch! 

The birthing Center! 

Boredom starting kicking we broke off from the group and headed for some FUN! 

Kiddie Land, here we come!!! 

By then we were all wore out and ready to head back to the motel for some sleep before we headed home the next morning! All in all it was a great field trip. We would have liked to see a little bit more planning (a few of the planned events were unable to be done because of some confusion about reserving said events), but all in all it was a really great day and we all enjoyed ourselves. Hopefully we will have many more field trips to share! 

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