Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Tot School in Action

Ricky is ready to start "learning". He has been increasingly interested in what we are doing while we are working on schoolwork. Just a few short months ago, he couldn't care less what we were doing, and he just wanted to play (of course), but now when the bigger boys are working on school, Ricky wants to be involved. Time to hit pintrest for some Early Learning activities! As I have said before in my blog, it is NEVER too early to start learning, and Ricky is certainly showing interest.
On this day while we did school, Ricky worked on some "pre writing". He wrote a very sweet "letter" to his Mommy and Daddy while visiting at Grandma's house for the afternoon. I think it is pretty amazing that this is the first time he has ever picked up a crayon, and he actually held them in his hands to "write". What a smart grandbaby I have on my hands. :)

"Pre Writing"

This actually kept him busy for quite some time. I had to teach him the rules of crayons...."Crayons are for drawing, not throwing Ricky", "Ricky, crayons taste yucky, how about we eat a snack instead", "Ricky we draw on paper, not Nana's book shelves", but he did mostly stick to the paper. I was proud. 

When he was all done writing (about 10 minutes later) he went on to play again. I was surprised the "writing" held his attention as long as it did. Good Job buddy! 

"Play Time"

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