Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Thinking of making some changes for this year.

I have not set anything in stone YET, however I am considering switching our curriculum from Time4Learning (which we still LOVE) to Easy Peasy All-in-one-Homeschool.

We still love Time4Learning, however we are paying $15.00 per kiddo per month, and we are only using the Math and Language Arts from the program. We are using outside resources for Science, Social Studies, Bible, History, and anything else we need to teach. We are also filling in gaps that Time4Learning isn't covering. I just can't justify spending that kind of money (not that it is an enormous amount, but for our already struggling family, every penny counts), but if we can cut costs, even just a bit, that is a huge plus, especially when we could be putting that money towards other homeschooling costs, maybe even fun days!

We did do a Math lesson from Easy Peasy today, and although the kids were sad that we were not doing the Time4Learning that they love so much, they couldn't deny that they loved the lesson we were working on. I am going to give the Easy Peasy about a month trial, and see if it fits our family before we decide if we will leave Time4Learning for this year. 

Wish us luck, we will see where this new adventure takes us!!!!

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