Friday, September 16, 2016

Words Of Wisdom

It is not often that I come across a post that I feel the need to ask permission to share on my own blog and Facebook, but today was JUST that day. This is something that hit close to home because I think this is something that we ALL struggle with when we first begin our homeschool journey. I know I did. As I told Marilyn, it took me two long years to break free from this terrible habit and really begin to enjoy our journey as FREE homeschoolers! This is actually our first stress free (leave out the occasional really bad day) year, and I am LOVING it. I hope Marilyn's words help you. I wish I had heeded this advice long before I did. I heard these words many times from many different people, it just took a very long time to set in.

I am not sure why moms feel they are "failing" when a child with obvious special needs acts like--a child with special needs! Or when we bring them home to homeschool, so they can "learn at their own pace", yet we feel guilty or pressured for them to stay on " grade level" (whatever on earth that means in the real scheme of things), or they "fall behind" (behind WHO, and what does it matter, if we are trying to give them an INDIVIDUALIZED education)? I feel bad because moms who do this are not recognizing the beauty of homeschool yet. Relax! Enjoy! Your homeschool never, ever has to look like "school at home" or anyone else's homeschool, and your kids never, ever have to " catch up", and you never, EVER have to feel guilty or pressure about a THING.
~Marilyn Rose
Member of

Special Needs Homeschooling Group

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