Sunday, October 23, 2016

September/October Blog Post Will be Coming Together This Month!

Hello Blog Followers! I just wanted to let you know we are STILL around! We have not deserted you! Taking on Tot Schooling, and babysitting a Toddler is a Whole New World! In addition to that I added that new small business and BAM I am SUPER-MOM! Only I don't feel like it! I feel more like SUPER-TIRED! SUPER-LAZY! and SUPER-NOT-GETTING-ANYTHING-DONE!

I really have been trying to update the blog, however, my FAVORITE photo editing site
PicMonkey has been LESS than easy to work with lately. It has been glitchy at BEST. Right now, it isn't working at ALL, probably because I complained last night, go figure! LOL

SO, Hopefully, I will be doing an end of September/end of October post together! If PicMonkey is not working by the time October ends, I will just find a new photo editing site for quick photo edits. I do own Photoshop Elements, but it is nice to work with a quick Photo Editing site to posting to the Blog, ya know?

So that is where I am at now. Just letting you know we are still here, still doing good, and actually doing better than ever! We can't wait to share with you how well things are going!
We hope you are doing just as good!

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