Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Official Withdraw Day!

Today marks another important day on our way to home education! Upon completion of enrollment at Kansas Connections Academy, we have officially withdrawn our kids from their brick and mortar school! We actually completed enrollment on July 15th, however, I wanted to wait to withdraw my kids from their other school until we got shipping confirmation for our school supplies from Connections Academy.

We are now *patiently* waiting for our school supplies and text books to arrive at our doorstep! The boys are thrilled and have already planned out box opening day. LOL Of course we all want to document the occassion, so we have come to the decision that I will take video of Jacob opening his box, and I will take photos of Brandon opening his box, that way we will have both video and pictures of the exciting day!

Watch for our next post.....BOX OPENING DAY!!!! Coming soon.......................

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