Monday, July 28, 2014

Our *growing* list of Homeschool PE Activities

As the first day of school approaches, I am searching for some fun PE activities to do with the kids. I am looking for activities that do not make it feel as if the kids main goal is exercise. I want these activities to be FUN!

This list will be expanded through our first year of homeschooling to include all of the super fun activities that we try, and like. 

1. Water Balloon Target Practice:
We have tried this one out this summer and the kids absolutely love it! My kids love water balloons so we always buy several large packs of them at the beginning of each summer. We set up several "targets" to aim at. Our favorite "target" is a swimming pool basketball hoop, and some swim rings! Of course, most games of Water Balloon Target Practice end up being a game of Water Balloon Fight! 
Picking up the popped water balloons was never any fun until we made it a race to see who could pick up the most popped water balloons. Mom against Twins! 

2. Soccer: 
We do not really focus so much on rules for our games of soccer. We just have fun! 

3. Swimming:
Its always nice to take a quick dip in the pool in the middle of the day! Of course this one will only last as long as the hot days do! 

4. Balloon Volleyball:
We have not tried this one yet, but I am sure it will be a hit! This is one that can be done indoors or out! 

5. Bike Riding:
My goal for this year is to have the boys OFF of their training wheels before it gets too cold for bike riding! 

6. Talking a walk through the neighborhood.

7. Taking a jog.

8. Jump Rope

9. Wii Fit:
We will save this one for the long, cold winter ahead of us! 

10.  A visit to the park. 

11. Dribble a basketball: 
I have every intention of buying a nice big basketball net for the boys for Christmas this year. Then we can add a game of basketball to our list next year! 

12. Jump on the trampoline:
Right now we have just the small trampoline to work with, however a large trampoline is also on our list of Christmas gifts this year! 

13. Tennis:
We have a tennis court very near to our house. I fully intend on introducing tennis to my kids this year! 

14. Baseball:
We have a big field right across the street from our house, how lucky are we?! We will be using that field for many activities this year including baseball! 

15. Ride Scooters.

16. Playing Catch.

17. Badminton.

18. Target Practice with a Football:
Here is the example we found on Pintrest, we have already bought the supplies to make our very own! 

19. Races:
Boys against Mom of course, there is no competition in this one, LOL, the boys will win EVERY time! That won't stop me from trying though! 

20. Target Practice with Nerf Guns:
We could do this one indoors OR out! Just get some nerf guns (we must own about 100 of these by now) and make some targets out of household items such as painted toilet paper rolls! 

21. Washing the van:
SUPER fun for the kids, and my van gets washed in the process! Win, win! My kids often request this activity! 

22. Yard Work:
My kids are still at the age where yard work is FUN! Bonus! Raking leaves, pushing snow, pulling weeds, the list goes on and on. I'm sure I won't get lucky enough for this stage to last long, but I will take full advantage while its still FUN! 

23. "Use Your Noodle":
Cut Pool Noodles in half. 
Blow Up Some Balloons.
Set up a few laundry baskets.
See who can get the most balloons in their laundry basket using ONLY the pool noodle! 

I am POSITIVE that this list will quickly grow VERY long! This will be a list that we refer to on a daily basis. The most important thing is to keep the kids moving of course!

 There are MANY, MANY more outdoor activities that are possibilities of course, however since we are going to be using this list to choose our daily PE activities, I thought it was important to list only those ideas that I think my kids will enjoy. 

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