Monday, October 6, 2014

Arts And Crafts Club

The boys signed up for the Arts and Crafts club! Our first project "Alien Friends" is scheduled for Wednesday of this week. Wednesdays are absolutely crazy for us, Jacob attends special education at 9:15 a.m, then both boys have Live Lesson at 12:00, then Jacob has respite services at 3:30 p.m. Needless to say squeezing all of that, our lessons for the day, AND an Art project was NOT going to happen! I decided we will do our Arts and Crafts Projects on the weekends before they are due to avoid having to cram everything in. SO....are first project was completed this weekend. And OF COURSE I have pictures LOL!

Alien Friends Project 

 If you are in this club and are doing this project I have two pointers, first: make sure you leave lots of time to get this done. Drying time for paint and glue takes forever, ESPECIALLY if you have kids like mine who love to make big GOBS of glitter glue ;) LOL 
Second: Do NOT use foam bowls, the paint will NOT stick. We had to make an extra trip to the store to pick up paper bowls after the paint just peeled right off of our foam bowls we painted! Yikes, the boys were a little upset by that. Live and learn I guess! 

Brandon working hard to add details to his spaceship.  

Jacob adding his details to his spaceship, see the big gobs of glitter I mentioned ;) 

Jacob when I told him to smile for the camera LOL 

 a NOT forced smile :) 

Brandon is much easier to get a smile from :) 

 This boy really puts attention to detail :) 

Brandon's Alien

 So cute Mr. Brandon :) 

Jacob's Alien 

 Jacob's Alien wears glasses (like Jacob is SUPPOSED to) 

Lots more work, and time for the details :) 

 Drying Time! :) (About 4 hours to dry completely)

Jacob was so proud of his Alien Friend! 

I just love how these turned out! 

Brandon's new friend :) 

 Well done Mr. Brandon! 

 On display in our home classroom! :) 

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