Sunday, October 12, 2014

Social Studies Project: My Country, Many Shapes Part 2

We, of course, do not post every lesson we complete, my goodness, this blog would be enormous! However, I do like to post some of our more exciting projects/lessons, and this happens to be one of them! 
My boys have really enjoyed the "My Country, Many Shapes" lesson. In part 1 of the lesson, the boys made a list describing a country that they would make up. They then drew a sketch of this country using details from their list. Finally the boys created a model of their country from the sketch that they made! We all had a lot of fun working with this lesson! 

Jacob's Country 
Jacob's list included that his country had some tall, snowy mountains. Villagers are the people that  lived in Jacob's country. Jacob's country was surrounded by grassy land. Some animals that lived in Jacob's county included Mountain Cows and Pigs. The Mountain Cows and Pigs were used for food. 

Jacob's Sketch:

Brandon's Country 
Brandon's list included that his country was mostly flat land used for raising crops which were used for food. The people in Brandon's country are farmers. Brandon's country is surrounded on three sides by ocean, and one side by land. The animals that live in Brandon's country are dogs, cats, and pigs. The cats and dogs are raised as pets, while the pigs are used for food

Brandon's Sketch: 

Here are some pictures of the boys creating their model! So much fun! 

 Painting the background for our countries. 

Pictures of the models completed! 

Brandon's Model

Brandon's completed assignment ready to turn in to his teacher! 

Jacob's Model

Jacob's assignment ready to turn in to his teacher! 

What a FUN assignment! 

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