Sunday, December 28, 2014

Art Class- Connections Academy *Puppet Making*

We are technically still on Winter Break at Connections Academy, but my boys took some vacation days last week that we need to make up this week. So to make up some hours we are working on a few assignments that we are behind on, as well as working ahead on some other assignments. Today we worked on the assignment that is assigned for the first day back to school (January 5th). Making Puppets! I wish I could have gotten some pictures of my little guys working hard on their puppets, but the baby wanted to sit in my lap and "help", so my hands were a little tied up ;) BUT I did get some really cute pictures of the finished product, and let me tell you, these boys really put some imagination into their puppets!

Brandon's (blonde hair) puppet is "Toy Freddy" from Five Nights at Freddy's.
Jacob's (brown hair) puppet is his Daddy. 

And its NEVER to early to start baby out! 

We are trying out some Tot School activities with baby Ricky. Ricky is now 9 months old, nearing the big ONE, and we are ready to start having fun teaching while playing with Ricky! Of COURSE Ricky will be doing NO kind of official school work, we are simply playing with a purpose at this point! 5 minutes a day is all we are doing right now! :) 

Today we introduced foam Squares
Ricky thought that they tasted delicious! 

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