Sunday, December 14, 2014

Two new projects!!

Things have been absolutely crazy around here lately (you will hear more about this in another post later this week), so I did not have time to post our Kansas Connections Academy Arts and Crafts Project from last week. I'm going to go ahead and post that now along with THIS weeks project LOL

Last weeks project was a lot of fun! A no heat lava lamp! The boys absolutely loved it. The boys kept adding more and more antacid tablets (a lot more than instructed) to see how high they could get their lava lamps to bubble! It was really cute watching their expressions! Click the second picture to enlarge it, and you will see just how excited Brandon was (blonde hair) to watch the lava lamp bubble up!

And this weeks project was just as much fun! A super cute Caterpillar! The boys really enjoyed creating these little creatures and they are an adorable addition to our art wall! 

Keep a close eye! I will be posting our "How Our First Year is Going" Blog post very soon! 

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