Thursday, March 19, 2015

Its been a LONG four weeks!

Wow, I have not had time to post in FOUR weeks! The time has been flying by! We are in week EIGHT! Holy Moly!

Let me tell you, we have gone through a lot in the past four weeks and we are still loving homeschooling A LOT, actually, now more than ever.

We have had a lot of medical issues come up with the kids, especially with our son Jacob who has Autism. Some days we have struggled to keep going, especially during times when the kids are sick. It is hard to meet the attendance requirements when you have a special needs child who has so many appointments that cannot be scheduled solely outside of school hours (which was only ONE of the many reasons we left traditional schooling behind), but we have pulled through and worked while sick, worked on weekends to make up missed weekdays, and we are currently working through spring break so that we can take a week off next week for one of Jacob's hospitalizations. It has just been tough. BUT, it would have been a lot harder had we still been enrolled in traditional schools.

*Jacob would have to try to keep up with a class that keeps going ahead even when he is not in attendance, putting him further behind his peers than he already is.

* We would not be able to "make up" days on weekends/holidays to make sure we are staying within the attendance requirements made by the state.

*The boys would not get the individualized education that they get at home.

*The boys would not have the freedom to learn and explore subjects that interest them in addition to what is in their curriculum.

I just can't say enough how life changing it has been to switch to home schooling!

Moving on.....

Here is some of what we have done the last four weeks!

We have had some Science Days: 

Some Sports Days:

We have had some sick days: 

Unfortunately we sometimes have Sad days:

Followed by some Snuggle days:

Some Silly Days: 

Lots of Smiley days.....

And even some Art days:

Some Rainy Day, Sand in the house days......

Oh yea, and did we mention that we throw a bit of math into all of these days?......

So as you can see we have been quite busy! 

See you next time I have time to update!
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