Monday, May 25, 2015

Our First Week of "Summer School"

Well we are at the end of the official "School Year". We missed quite a few days due to illnesses, hospitalizations, surgeries, among many other things (which is why we have not posted in SO long) so our family decided it would be best if we continued with school through summertime. We want to make sure that the kids are where they need to be before the beginning of 3rd grade. We just finished up week one of Summer School. We like that we are not required to put a full 6 hours in each day (although most days we do anyway), and we like that we can work less days a week if that is what we want to do . This week we took 3 days off instead of two because we had a LOT to do. We did get a lot done this week however, and we are looking forward to the rest of the summer. We are adding in some extra writing practice once a week by adding a summer journal to our curriculum. The twins both struggle with handwriting and I am *HOPING* to be able to introduce cursive next school year. If the boys are not ready though, we are NOT going to rush it. We have plenty of time to get to that. As long as they learn by the end of 5th grade, I am OK with that.

Here is some of what we did this week: 
Map Planning:

Rainy Day Art Project:
Umbrella with Raindrops
Inspired by this:  Pintrest Project

That is all the pictures I have for our first week in summer school. It was quite a hectic week. Hopefully life will be slowing down for us now that the medical issues have been addressed with both me and my son. I look forward to keeping this blog much more active! 

We had a great first year of homeschooling, and although the Connection Academy did not work out for us, I still think it is a GREAT online public school with a lot of flexibility. If you want to try homeschooling, but are not yet ready to do it alone, this is a great option to transition into homeschooling. If you end up not liking it, the process to withdraw your student is very easy. We chose to leave Mid School year and transition into full homeschooling. We do use an online curriculum called Time4Learning and my kids love it! We do supplement the curriculum they offer with lessons that I come up with on my own as the curriculum seems to leave a little to be desired, but it is well worth the small monthly fee to have the lesson plans done for you! We love this website and will be using it again next year. 

I am exhausted.....I need to get some sleep. I promise to be more active on here....this first year of homeschool might have kept me on my toes, but it was well worth it and I am looking forward to every year we have ahead of us! 

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