Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Another Long Delay Finished Up

Our "Summer School" was briefly interrupted by an unplanned move. Due to a lousy landlord, and some really "shifty" neighbors, and a house that may have had black mold, we needed to move ASAP. We put school on hold for a month, and got into a newly renovated house. We had to wait for renovations to be finished, so we stayed on the In-Laws land in an RV while we waited for our house. That was quite an experience, and I am glad it is over. LOL

(Pictures from the RV)

Life is back to normal now that we are in our new house. We JUST got our school room set up tonight (about a week and a half after moving in)! There are still PLENTY of touches that need put on it, and we will eventually trading out old furniture we scraped up from the old house with nicer more functional furniture for the school room, but for now it serves it's purpose! 

(Main School Area)

(Mom's Desk)

 (Arts and Crafts/Games Area with additional storage behind door)

I have to say it is quite nice to have a dedicated school room as opposed to sharing my living room and kitchen with all of the school supplies! We look forward to our first day tomorrow, and we can't wait to start learning in our new school room! 

Wish us luck in our new school year! 

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