Monday, January 18, 2016

We Outgrew Our School Room Already!

When we moved into this new house back in July of (JUST) last year, we were so excited that the house had a small spare bedroom that we could use for a school room. At first we had PLENTY of room! You can see our original set up by clicking HERE.
We worked well out of that school room up up until a month ago when we started overflowing out of the small room. SO.....we gave up our BIG spacious dining room, and turned it into a dedicated school room, which I am IN LOVE with!
And here is what our NEW and improved school room looks like!

Clotheslines I keep over my desk area for special projects. 

 Main Desk Area where we do our work 

Supplies Shelf, Homeschool Log Books, Library Books, and Reference Books

 All levels of Reading Books 

 Another View of Readers Shelf 

Another View of Main Desk 

 Our Social Studies Area 

 We were gifted this copy of the Constitution by one of our dear friends! It fits into our classroom so perfectly! We LOVE it!  

 Our Supplies Shelf and Art Board 

 One of the two school desks we own

 The Dining Room Table (where most of our work gets done) 

 Our Bragging Board! (I had not finished adding their certificates when I snapped this shot) 

Another Storage Shelf, Our Calendar

 A View of the Whole Room (The only picture you can see the children's computer, it is on the small table between the shelf and the social studies area) 

It is nothing fancy, but we try to keep it uncluttered and clean. Sure we would LOVE to have a fancy decorated school room, but that just isn't in our budget, so we take what we find and go with it! We do decorate for special holidays (We will be doing a big Valentines day theme for next month), and we love doing that. 

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