Tuesday, February 2, 2016

January in Review

Holy Moly! January is over already! Say it isn't so! I swear the older I get, and the older my kids get, the faster the days go. I wish time would just SLOW DOWN!

Although my boys are definitely feeling cabin fever beginning to set in already, we are making it through the winter blues and blah's. There was definitely a lack of motivation at the end of the month of January that wasn't there at the beginning of the month LOL.

 I am going to try to make February a little bit more fun, and with their Birthday AND a Valentines Day party planned I am sure this month will be a little bit more FUN!

Anyway...here is a peek at what we did in JANUARY!

I don't have as many pictures of the boys doing daily school work, because of the "wintery" lighting in the house, the pictures just come out crappy. We will be doing more of those in the summer time.

We got ourselves a couple of new Pen Pals that lives on the other side of the country! We are going to be sending them lots of letters back and forth! We are so excited to get to know them! 

We are working on our Virtual Road Trip Lesson! (While eating frosting) On this day we were learning about the Statue of Liberty! 

Brandon went on a real life Road Trip with Dad and even got to see some snow! Brandon loves to travel with Daddy for work, it's a lot of fun! 

While Brandon was away on a Road Trip, Mom and Jacob had bonding time making Catapults together and fighting off evil ogres together! We made quite the team! Jacob was great at following directions and was even more patient during glue drying times than I thought he would be!

 There is always time to make up school work though, and on this day, we made flags for our Virtual Road Trip Board. We are relearning the Pledge of Allegiance because we were not taught the correct way in school, a lot of very important parts were left out, the most important part "Under God" was completely taken out. Some days we like learning it again, some days not so much. 

Grandbaby/Nephew Ricky is learning to color. He is making decorations for our Valentines Day Party that we are having in February! The party was SUPPOSED to be a surprise, but I left the decorations out on accident before going to bed after shopping late at night, and Brandon found them the next morning. Darn it! Oh well! Now I will have help! 

We have had TWO warm days! One for the park......

One we spent outside having fun with Sissy and Nephew Ricky:

No significant snow yet....the forecast keeps promising, but no such luck. So far, just a dusting!

I am seeing a HUGE improvement in Reading and Writing from BOTH kids. We could use some improvement with Math, but we are going to use summertime to do some practice and to go over some of those basic skills. So far we are sticking with Time4Learning and we plan on doing so for for a long long time. We have been with Time4Learning for awhile now and we really like it. The kids are comfortable with it, and seem to know the program well. The science could use some help, but I am hoping that the upper grades will eventually team up with Science4Us as well and then that will no longer be an issue.
We are still new on our journey, we still have a LOT to learn, but man are we having a blast learning! 

Hope to see you at the end of February! :) We would love to hear from you! 

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